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New Tupac Merchandise, Black Friday Sale – Limited Time Only

On Monday the Tupac estate released new limited merchandise to coincide with Black Friday.

This merchandise is for a limited time only, ending on Monday, December 2, which happens to be ‘Cyber Monday’. Announced on the official Tupac Instagram and Twitter accounts run by the estate, are four new items of clothing.

The Limited Tupac Merchandise For Black Friday Weekend

Included are three t-shirts, all bearing a different photograph of the iconic rapper. San Francisco photographer Jeffery Newbury took two of the photographs that appear on the t-shirts, priced at $35.00 each. These shots were taken early on in Tupac’s career. Furthermore, they are from the same shoot as the photograph used on the ‘Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. album cover.

Tupac Merchandise

Another item is a black hoodie with ’94’, his name, ‘Stay True’, ‘Cradle To The Grave’ and ‘Bury Me A G’ displayed on the front. These are of course all references to the 1994 album, ‘Thug Life: Volume 1’ by the group Thug Life. Described as warm, the ‘Stay True’ hoodie is reasonably priced at $70.00 with free shipping for U.S. customers.

Tupac Merchandise

The original album, released on September 26 1994, has this year celebrated its 25th anniversary. Released by Interscope, the album is only ten tracks and 42 minutes in length. It has contributions from Johnny J, Mopreme, Big Syke, Easy Mo B, and Warren G and Nate Dogg. The album, certified Gold by the RIAA, was Thug Life’s only album. As it is the 25th anniversary of the album’s release, the estate also launched limited-edition items back in September. Among the items were hats, beanies, hoodies and even a special limited edition picture disc.

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Above all, it seems like the popularity and longevity of Tupac Shakur’s legacy certainly remain solid with demand for more new merchandise. While on the Tupac estate site, a countdown appears, letting fans know how long they’ve got left to purchase the limited edition items. Click here to take a look at the limited edition merchandise but be sure to be quick!


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