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New Tupac Kadafi Book By Kadafi’s Mother Coming Soon

Yaki Kadafi’s mother, Yaasmyn Fula, is set to release a book about the life of Tupac and Kadafi.

Kadafi who was a member of the Outlawz and was the nucleus in putting the Outlawz together. Yaki Kadafi was instrumental in introducing Hussein Fatal and Young Noble to Tupac, who would then become members of the Outlawz.

As it’s well know, Kadafi and Tupac shared a special bond that goes beyond rap music. Even in their final years their chemistry was quite evident when the two shared a camera or a mic in their music careers.

Lessons between me and you,And once we lock this shit down it ain't a thing they can do,Meanwhile I stay waitin' by the phone,Hopin' I'll get a call tellin' a nigga that you home – #YakiKadafi Click To Tweet

We can finally have a more in depth look at the Tupac Kadafi relationship. Perhaps even more importantly we can get a closer look at Yaki Kadafi. Beloved by many fans world wide, it is long overdue for the Kadafi story to be heard.

What better way for the story to be told then from Kadafi’s mother. Yaasmyn Fula was heavily involved and around Tupac and the Outlawz more then people may know. She is also is responsible for many rare photos of Tupac and Kadafi that have hit the internet in the past years.

Excerpts From The Tupac Kadafi Book
Excerpts From The Tupac Kadafi Book

Listen To Young Noble, E.D.I Mean, Hussein Fatal Talk About Kadafi And Tupac

Yaasmyn Fula broke the news yesterday via social media posting an excerpt from the upcoming book. The excerpt as seen above is titled ‘Pac Heads West’ with a subheading of San Francisco.

Fans world wide have responded with enthusiasm and are ready to support this project. The release date is yet to be know, but stay tuned to the O4L Online Network for more news on the book.


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