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New Pop Smoke Music Video Featuring Quavo “Shake The Room”

New Pop Smoke single and music video for ‘Shake The Room’ featuring Quavo has been released from his mixtape ‘Meet The Woo 2‘.


The project would be Pop Smoke’s final project as the 20-year-old Brooklyn native, real name Bashar Barakah Jackson, died as a result of being shot during a home invasion at his Hollywood Hills home in February.

Directed by Off White International Rap Video Studio, ‘Shake The Room’ music video shows real live rare footage of Pop Smoke.

New Pop Smoke Music Video Featuring Quavo "Shake The Room"

Back in February of 2020, 50 Cent had stated publicly he would like to complete Pop Smoke’s album. Writing on an Instagram post, “I’m on the move listening to Pop smoke, I decided I’m gonna executive produce and finish his album for him.

His post would receive the approval of Steven Victor, CEO of Victor Victor Worldwide, where Pop Smoke was signed. Victor would respond with a heart and 100 emoji.

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Now 50 Cent looks to take on a posthumous album for Pop Smoke that would feature Roddy Ricch and Chris Brown.

“Baby (Baby), shake it (Shake it)
I pop a Perc’, feel amazing (Bah)
Straight Henny, no chaser (Uh-huh)
N—– be talkin’ hot ’til they get burned (Woo)
I don’t f— with n—– ’cause these n—– be sherm
Lil’ n—-, stay in your place, wait for your turn
Respect ain’t given, n—-, it’s earned (Grrt, baow)
In the Bugatti (Woo), 5719 with baguettes (Skrrt)
Flag in the air, hold on (Hold on), ref (Ref), ref (Ref)
In the LaFerrari, can’t rent this (Nah)
With a brown lil’ thing, Reeses (Reeses)
Steven Victor in a Pista (Pista)
Dior got no creases (Creases)
Art gallery (Art gallery, woo)
Six-point-one for the painting (Painting)
George Condos (George Condos)
Cost more than your condo (Uh), wait,” Pop Smoke verse on ‘Smoke The Room’. Lyrics by Genius.



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