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New Nipsey Hussle Album On The Way Says J Stone

J Stone who appeared on The Bootleg Kev Podcast revealed that there is indeed a new Nipsey Hussle Album in the works.

The All Money In Records artist who recently dropped his own album Definition of Pain, confirmed a posthumous Nipsey release, but did note that it won’t be released unless it is the highest of quality.

J Stone also noted that his team will put out the music at their own pace, unlike previous Tupac released which Stone feels it was rushed and too much of it release within a short period of time.

New Nipsey Hussle Album On The Way Says J Stone
Nipsey Hussle (Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez)

“You know what, it’s gonna definitely be another Nip album. But it’s All Money In, we ain’t gonna put out nothing Mickey or do it just because. Rest in peace in ‘Pac. If they would have held on to his music a little bit more, it would have been received different. But the music was still good and we needed it at that time. Nip has his brand and his image so strong and tight like, you can’t do the ‘Pac on him with the Makaveli 1, Makaveli 15 …”

J Stone is referring to bootleg releases of Tupac’s unreleased music after his passes. To the defense of Afeni Shakur who was in charged of Tupac’s music at the time, the leaked songs was not her call.

Most of Tupac’s posthumous releases received criticism from fans because they had heard the leaked songs in its original form. But due to sample clearances other reasons, the beats had to change and at times the features on the song as well.

“Hey man, there’s so much music this (brother) done did bro,” said Stone. “You wouldn’t even imagine bro. There’s (ishh) I haven’t even heard and I thought I heard everything.”

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