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New Interview Reveals Tupac Smashed Karyn Parsons

In an exclusive interview with The Art of Dialogue, Desiree Smith reveals Tupac slept with Karyn Parsons aka Hilary Banks!

The actress who is know for her role as Hilary Banks, Will Smith’s cousin on the popular sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, apparently crossed paths with Shakur.

New Interview Reveals Tupac Smashed Karyn Parsons
Karyn Parsons (Getty Images)

How? Well Desiree Smith is not sure, but she states that Tupac confirmed. “He told me. When I first started dealing with him, I don’t even remember how that came up,” Tupac’s ex-girlfriend Desiree Smith said in the short clip uploaded on YouTube. “I said yeah cause some (woman) be acting boushie and he was like, ‘Yeah, like her right there. She be busting it too’.”

One can only assume that Tupac found his way around Parson through Jada Pinkett Smith who was a close friend to Shakur and was dating Will Smith at the time.

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