New Ewing Athletics Sneakers Tribute To Tupac, Outlawz Still I Rise Album

A classic album from Tupac and the Outlawz reaches another milestone with Still I Rise celebrating its 20th anniversary since its release. Now you have the chance to be the first to own a pair of the new Ewing Athletics sneakers in tribute to the album.

Released on December 21, 1999, Still I Rise is the third posthumous studio album from Tupac and the first album as a group for The Outlawz. The album was a huge success, with sales of 408,000 copies sold in its first week. In January 2000, it peaked at number 6 on Billboard 200 and number 2 on the ‘Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums’. It spent 20 weeks on the chart. In February 2000, the album would reach Platinum status.

Honoring the 20 year anniversary of Still I Rise, Outlawz and Ewing Athletics team up for their second collaboration. At midnight on December 20, the release saw 100 pairs of the new Outlaw 96 Ewings go on sale on the Oulaw University website.

For a limited time only, the new Ewing Athletics sneakers will come with an autographed copy of both Young Noble and Edidon‘s latest albums. The Hope Dealer Part 2 and 3rd Eye View. However, once the 100 pairs have gone, fans will have to wait for the official Ewings Athletics release.

Last year, we caught up with the man behind the photograph for the Still I Rise cover, Fabrice Henssens. He tells the previously unheard story of how he came to photograph Tupac and the Outlawz. Fabrice said he was in the right place at the right time when he saw them driving down Melrose. Remembering back, Fabrice said, “I saw Tupac and The Outlawz driving, so I immediately turned my focus to them. The first photo I captured was of them driving away, which is actually the image on the back cover of the album. The Outlawz weren’t too happy with me shooting photos of them, therefore flipping me the bird.”

still i rise

Not discouraged, Fabrice followed ‘Pac and the Outlawz in his the car for a few blocks. Shooting the last remaining frames in his camera through the window, he noticed that The Outlawz were mean-mugging him. Recalling this memory, he said, “Tupac smiled, looking directly at the camera, I knew I had obtained the shot. I had no more film so I immediately made a quick left and took off.”

Later in the interview, Fabrice reveals that ‘Letter to the President’ is his favorite song from the album. “It has a powerful message of what was going on then and it is still completely relevant to our current situation” Fabrice added.

Read the full O4L Online Network exclusive interview with Fabrice here.


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