Tupac Back In The Studio With Suge J Knight

Suge J Knight Looking For Producers For Tupac

Suge J Knight is at it again. Anyone interested in producing for Tupac? Suge J Knight went on his Instagram account January 19, 2019, to make a special request. “I need the hottest producer to work on a project for pac,” says Suge J Knight.


Just the day before he went on Instagram to announced Tupac had returned. “I got ‘Pac back in the studio. New music coming,” claimed Suge J Knight. This wouldnt be the first time Suge J Knight would make such bold statements via social media. Back in October of 2018, he claimed Tupac was alive and living in Malaysia. Suge J Knight would also appear on EDI Mean’s Dinner Club show to discuss his comments. Listen To Suge J Knight Interview With EDI Mean


It is worth noting Suge J Knight Instagram profile has a link for newdeathrow.com. The link takes you straight to an online store where one can purchase new clothing merchandise for the ‘New Death Row’.

We shall see if indeed the 2pac Estate clearing new unreleased music for Suge J Knight. The estate had won over unreleased masters from Entertainment One late last year. Masters that had originally been owned by Death Row records.

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