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New CM Punk Behind The Scenes Footage From His WWE Return

Fox has released behind the scenes footage of CM Punk’s return to WWE. The seven minute long exclusive video shows CM Punk being driven to the WWE Backstage studio.

This past Tuesday, CM Punk made his much anticipated return to pro wrestling when he shocked the world by appearing on FS1 WWE’s Backstage.

Punk revealed that initially he thought he would be commentating for WWE matches. Punk wasn’t too keyed on that idea, but found out that it was actually a position as an analyst. “When they told me it was going to be an analysts and it was described by Fox executives as being, we have A-Rod for baseball, ‘We have Troy Aikman for Football. We now have WWE’s property starting in November, we are going to have an analysts show. We would have you. You be quote on quote an expert.'”

New CM Punk Behind The Scenes Footage From His WWE Return

When approached about the idea of the role of an analyst, CM Punk was all for it. Punk would audition for the position, or rather a “test run” as he calls it, and the rest is history.

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Was CM Punk nervous for his WWE return?

When asked if Punk is nervous, he answered, “Yeah, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you with a straight face that I wasn’t nervous at all. It’s a space that I haven’t been in five-six years. Compounded by the fans who have always clambered for me to come back to this space.”

Regardless of the nervous, which Punk says is a good thing, CM Punk has one thing in mind, “I plan on making this very entertaining.”

Arriving with an hour remaining before he shocked the world, Punk would have to cover his face with a lavender colored cloth. Walking from the car to the studio, Punk had to ensure he was not spotted. Many were kept out of the loop.

With five minutes left for showtime, CM Punk had finally words before he made his WWE Backstage debut, “I’m not going to break the internet. I’m going to break the world.”


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