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New Challenge For Eminem, This Time From DJ Vlad

Eminem has a new challenge and this time he doesn’t have to spit any bars. Instead all he is being asked to do is answer questions that no one has asked him before. The interviewer? DJ Vlad.

DJ Vlad took to his official Twitter account to issue the challenge. ” Hey @Eminem, instead of constantly responding to everyone who mentions you in VladTV interviews, why don’t you come and do an interview yourself. A REAL interview for once. Not those ones with your employee that only asks you softball questions.”

Will Eminem accept DJ Vlad's interview?
Will Eminem accept DJ Vlad’s interview?

One can assume Vlad is referring to Nick Cannon. Eminem dissed Cannon on the song “Lord Above” which is featured on Fat Joe‘s new album “Family Ties”.

Since the song dropped this past Friday, Vlad TV has re-released Nick Cannon interviews conducted by DJ Vlad. In these interviews, Nick Cannon shares his not so kind thoughts on Eminem.

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On one particular interview flashback, Nick Cannon breakdowns why someone like Eminem was so successful. Claiming it was the white audience, primarily the female white music consumer, who supported him. “The people who buy Hip Hop music are white people. Specially white girls,” says Nick Cannon.

Nick also believes that the hood did not support Eminem as much as the white consumer did.

Nevertheless, DJ Vlad has issued a challenge, and we await a response from Eminem. I wonder which questions DJ Vlad has in-stored for Marshall Matters.


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