NBA 2K21 Shooting Hotfix Update Is Now Available!

It was announced yesterday (September 6) Via Twitter that today there would be a NBA 2K21 shooting hotfix update after serious backlash from gamers who complained about the new shooting meter which made it more shooting difficult.

Visual Concepts was fully aware and listened to many who said shooting was fairly easy in 2K20, but it appears in correcting the issue they created another.

The shooting hotfix update for 2K21 comes just in time for the holiday weekend which should an increase in gaming, especially with the NBA playoffs in progress.

Rookie, Pro and All-Star difficulty levels will also benefit from the new hotfix shooting update as stated by NBA2K Twitter account. “2K21 shooting hotfix will hit tomorrow 9/6 for Rookie, Pro, and All-Star difficulty levels 🔋 Shooting stays the same on higher difficulties and Neighborhood 🌴 Hope this helps the newcomers. Keep the feedback coming! 🙏”

Currently the Kobe Bryant tribute ‘Mamba Forever Edition‘ of 2K21 is available for pre-order and goes for $99.99.

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