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Nas Reflects On New York Meeting With Tupac Days Before He Passed

Hip Hop legend Nas appeared on New York Hot 97‘s morning show Ebro in the Morning where he discussed his past beef and relationship with Tupac Shakur.

When asked about by Ebro about his history with Tupac, Nas immediately mentioned Snoop Dogg. Nas stated that the Dogg father had the story slightly incorrect. (Watch: Snoop Recalls Tupac and Nas NY Incident on ‘Untold Stories Of Hip Hop’) “I heard Snoop told the story a few times, but he had it wrong a little bit,” Nas said. Although it has been told that Tupac stepped to Nas, according to the Queens native it was him that approached Shakur.

The face off between two iconic figures in Hip Hop occurred at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards after party in New York at Bryant Park. (View more: Tupac and Death Row East @ The 1996 MTV Music Awards) According to Nas he had to step to Shakur and his entourage for New York. “We had to step to em’ for New York, because they was in the town and we couldn’t let that happen. It was only right,” said Nas during the morning interview.

Nas Reflects On Conversation With Tupac In New York
Tupac @ the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards After Party

“We had a great convo. He explained that he thought I was dissing him on the song “The Message”,” Nas said. “Last person I was even thinking about when I wrote that record.”

The lyrics Tupac was speaking of is right from when the song kicks off, “Fake thug, no love, you get the slug / CB4 Gusto, Your luck low, I didn’t know til I was drunk though / You freak ni–az played out, get f–ked and ate out / Prostitute turned b—-, I got the gauge out,” rapped Nas on The Message.

Shakur and Nas would come to terms with one another and decided to link up in Vegas three days later. But, unfortunately Tupac was shot on the Vegas strip on September 7 and passed away 6 days after. (View: Tupac Vegas Fight, Shooting, Hospital Info, Photos, Videos)

Fast forward to 12:36 to hear Nas talk about his face-to-face meeting with Tupac in New York.


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