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Nas Loves His Throwback Photo With Tupac Shakur

Hip Hop legend Nas took to Instagram for throw back Thursday as he shared a photo of himself and the late Tupac Shakur.

“I Love This Picture. Wild 🌪 Rebel 🎙 Innocence ⚪️ Born into a World Of Fire 🔥To the young, keep the Fight goin!,” Nas captioned the black and white photo taken by Al Pereira.

The photo was taken on July 23, 1993 at the Palladium in New York. In attendance that evening was Biggie Smalls and Redman to name a few. An iconic nightclub when it came to Hip Hop in New York. Unfortunately the Palladium shut down in 1997 due to its purchase by New York University.

Nas Loves His Throwback Photo With Tupac Shakur
Nas and Tupac Shakur

Nas and Tupac will forever be linked due to their one-on-one face off in New York city days before Shakur’s passing. The face off between two iconic figures in Hip Hop occurred at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards after party in New York at Bryant Park. (View more: Tupac and Death Row East @ The 1996 MTV Music Awards)

According to Nas he had to step to Shakur and his entourage for New York. “We had to step to em’ for New York, because they was in the town and we couldn’t let that happen. It was only right,” said Nas during an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning.

“We had a great convo. He explained that he thought I was dissing him on the song “The Message”,” Nas said. “Last person I was even thinking about when I wrote that record.”

Shakur and Nas would come to terms with one another and decided to link up in Vegas three days later. But, unfortunately Tupac was shot on the Vegas strip on September 7 and passed away 6 days after. (View: Tupac Vegas Fight, Shooting, Hospital Info, Photos, Videos)

During an interview with BET, Suge Knight would also confirm Tupac’s promise to Nas. “Pac wouldn’t attack anyone that was real. Like I said, Pac was a man with a lot of respect,” Suge Knight said during a 1996 interview with BET. “On our way back home Pac said, ‘When we get to the studio, all the negative stuff I said about Nas, ima take him out and put somebody else who deserves that.”


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