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Napoleon Talks Tupac, Outlawz On Dutch TV

Tupac was a father figure – Napoleon

A few months ago, Mutah Beale, also known as Napoleon from The Outlawz, was interviewed by a Dutch television station. Mutah talked about Tupac, Outlawz and his life in Saudi Arabia.

The television crew flew from Amsterdam to Saudi Arabia to do a segment about the country and people living there. Napoleon was hand to give his views and the experience of living there.

Mutah has been a resident in Saudi Arabia for eight years. He has made a new life for himself and even started his own brand of coffee, MW Cafe.

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In the short interview, Napoleon gives an insight as to what life was like when Tupac passed away in September 1996. He speaks very highly of the leader of The Outlawz, calling ‘Pac a “father figure”.

Napoleon with the rest of The Outlawz

He also reveals that after Tupac died he lost his way in life, experimenting with different drugs and drinking every day.

“To escape at that particular time in my life I turned to alcohol. I was hurting myself thinking I was escaping but I was actually going down a darker road without even realizing”.

The turning point that opened Mutah’s eyes to religion came when he was in the studio eight years after Tupac had died. He got into a fight with his brother while in a recording studio and a Muslim stepped in and stopped them fighting.

Mutah’s parents both were Muslim, converting to Islam before he was born. When he was three years old, Mutah witnessed his parents being murdered. This tragic experience led him to believe that Islam is a bad religion.

“When this guy stopped me fighting my little brother he invited me to the mosque, I took his invitation. That’s when I was able to see something for myself and I was able to make my own choice and build my own opinion”

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