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Napoleon Talks Meeting And Wrestling Tupac, Start Of The Outlawz

Former member of one of Hip-Hop’s iconic groups, the Outlawz, Napoleon appeared on the Seize The Moment Podcast. On call, Napoleon discussed how it was like when he first met Tupac, also the early days of the Outlawz.

Napoleon, along with five other Outlawz members, recorded music with Tupac , during the peek of the Death Row era. Selling millions of records, and enjoying success at an early age, Napoleon would go to change his life and retire from the music industry.

His days as a recording artist, Outlawz member, and times around Tupac, is something that he will never forget. Although retired from the music industry, Napoleon has recently released a poem which can be seen via his official YouTube channel titled ‘My Life’. View the lyrics here.

Meeting Tupac for the first time

Napoleon recalls that time he first met Tupac, and how he felt he had to impress Tupac. “When I meet Tupac, from what I know, from his music, he’s a gangsta rapper,” explains Napoleon. “He’s always in the news and the media. I had to impress him. I want to let him know I’m from the hood, but I was surprised that he wasn’t really with that type of stuff.”

Tupac and napoleon with the outlawz
Tupac , Outlawz, Big Syke

Just as many have learned, there was many sides to Tupac. Beyond the Thug persona, Tupac was all about making a positive impact on the world and those around him. “‘Pac was ahead of his time man. He really wasn’t with none of that negative stuff, like the media tried to portray him to be. So, when I started coming at him like that, he kinda put me in my place.”

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“I knew right he was only dealing with people that he felt was not be a negative impact around him. His whole idea was that he wanted to be a positive impact on myself, the Outlawz. We was younger than him. So, he really wasn’t with that stuff,” says Napoleon.

Thankful for the opportunity

Napoleon credits Tupac for giving him a chance. A Chance that perhaps kept him out of trouble, also to a certain extent, alive. “By ‘Pac giving me a chance it actually saved me from a lot. When I walked away from my neighborhood, and became affiliated with Tupac , and moved in with him, every single one of my members was in and out of jail after that. All went to prison. Some of them got shot. Some of them got killed. I could look back it and say man what would I be doing if I was out there with them,” explains Napoleon.

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Tupac and the Outlawz

The bond between Tupac and the Outlawz, went beyond the music industry. Many of the members were childhood friends, to blood relatives to 2Pac. All connected in some way, destined to be an Outlaw, and shake up the Hip-Hop industry forever.

Initially Napoleon had his eyes set on becoming a solo artist. Tupac on the other hand had different plans for him. Quickly inserting him into a group consisting of an early formation of the Outlawz, called Dramacydal.

How Long Will They Mourn Me
Kastro, EDI and Napoleon – Dramacydal

For Napoleon, his bond with Tupac was something he will never forget. Napoleon recalls a time when he tried to out wrestle Tupac , which at the end wasn’t such a good idea. “I remember one time I tried to wrestle him. You know when you’re a young teenager, for some reason you think you can take on anybody. And, I remember like ‘Pac use to look skinny to me. I remember mouthing off to him, we was at a trailer, for one of the movies. Then we got into a little tussle. We started wrestling. And, I realized how strong he was. So, after that I had to start adjusting to how I come at him,” says Napolaon laughing. “He kinda hurt me, but he let me know like ‘look I’m just playing with you, but you better be careful.”

All this more in this exclusive interview by Seize The Moment podcast powered by the O4L Online Network.


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