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Napoleon Recalls Tupac Music Video Altercation With Ex-Marine

Appearing on the Heart Of An Outlaw show, Mutah “Napoleon’ Beale recalls the heated situation during the video shoot for Tupac and the Outlawz Made Figgaz music video.

Released in 1997, Made Figgaz was featured on the Gang Related movie soundtrack, a movie in which Tupac Shakur also starred along with James Belushi. The song itself featured the Outlawz and Tupac with various versions of the music video filmed in 1996.

Napoleon recalled the time Shakur came to his defense during the video shoot, as he often did for the Outlawz. “Pac was loyal. We was loyal to him, he was loyal to us. He would never allow people to try to put down the Outlawz while he was alive,” “Pac put his safety a few times, even for me.”

Outlawz and Tupac (Photo by Chi Modu)

In this particular situation Tupac did just that. In the behind-the-scenes footage for the music video shoot, which has been online for years, shows an irate Tupac yelling at an individual. “This is the same motherf–ka who told my little homeboy he wanna see him in hell,” shouted Tupac during the altercation. “See me! See me!”

Speaking to host Andy Moffatt, Napoleon elaborated on what occurred during the video shoot. “There’s a video out where it shows some type of altercation happening, that was because Pac stood out for me and he put his safety on the line,” Napoleon said.

“I think he was an old American veteran’s who fought in one of the U.S. armies,” Napoleon recalls. “He was one of the actors in the short movie we was trying to shoot for those videos.” The actor Napoleon speaks of was the stunt man who was also an ex-Marine from the South side of Chicago.

The extended version for Made Figgaz, was just that — a mini movie. During one of the scenes Napoleon’s role was to shoot the actor, but as Napoleon recalls the actor took it too personal and would at times mouth off on Napoleon. Not one to back down Napoleon did not stay quite, but at the same time did not want to ruin the video shoot for Tupac.

“This was a grown man. I was just 17-years-old. This was a grown crazy man. He was like we can go outside to the back,” Napoleon said as tensions escalated during the shoot. “Pac just flipped and that’s why you see the altercation.”

View the full interview below with Napoleon as he answers fan questions, talks about his Mutah Beale foundation, Coffee business, Johnny J, and much more!


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