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Napoleon Drops New Poetry Audio For Upcoming Release

Mutah Beale, also know as Napoleon and former member of Tupac‘s Outlawz, has released new poetry audio for the upcoming audio book release of Life Is Raw.

After overcoming various obstacles, one of them which consisted of the pandemic and still continues to cause some shipment delays of the hard copies, fans can expect to have the audio book version in early 2021.

The announcement came on Monday (December 21) via the official IG account for Life Is Raw. “The audio book is still in the final stages of processing and should be available early 2021,” read the caption.

Life Is Raw Release Date is November 25th
Mutah Beale and author Suliman Jenkins

Along with the latest update on the audio book, the IG post also proudly announced the release of the ebook format for Napoleon’s auto/biography. “We are happy to announce that the ebook format is now available via DIO Press! We apologize for the slight delays some of you have faced, but people have started receiving their physical copies, which is great.”

“Throughout his life, Mutah’s environments both stifled and nurtured him and, in the end, Islam tipped the scale. His saga is both tragic and hopeful, an embodiment of life itself. Napoleon, Mutah, did more than simply exist.”

– Leon Garber, Rising From the Concrete: A Book Review of Life is Raw: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw

Napoleon also gave fans a preview of what to expect on the audio book version of Life Is Raw. Releasing the official trailer on Tuesday (December 22), Napoleon’s poetry showcases once again his lyrical talent, proving he has not lost a step.

Watch the trailer below.


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