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Napoleon Details Nas, Tupac Face Off In Exclusive Audio

Another exclusive clip from the audio book version of Napoleon’s Life Is Raw auto biography has been released detailing the face off between Tupac and Nas.

In this particular clip, Napoleon and author Sulaiman Jenkins break down the face off between Tupac and Nas at Bryant Park in NYC.

The face off between two iconic figures in Hip Hop occurred at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards after party in New York at Bryant Park. (View more: Tupac and Death Row East @ The 1996 MTV Music Awards)


“I think Pac was doing an interview when all of a sudden he just took off. I was like, ‘Where he going?’. I look over in the direction and Nas was making his way towards us. I was like, ‘Nah, Nas don’t want none of this’,” Napoleon recalls in the audio clip.

Tupac @ the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards After Party

The preview clip shared via Napoleon’s official YouTube channel also touches on how Tupac was upset at Nas for what Pac that was a shot at him on the song “The Message”.

In a recent interview with Hot 97, Nas spoke about “The Message” and stated the line which kicked off the record, “Fake thug, no love, you get the slug” was not aimed at Shakur. “Last person I was even thinking about when I wrote that record,” Nas said in his interview on Ebro in the Morning. (Watch: Nas Reflects On New York Meeting With Tupac Days Before He Passed)

Backing up those claims was Napoleon on the audio clip, as the former Outlawz member witnessed the two Hip Hop icons squash the beef that was over a simple misunderstanding.

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On Monday (December 21) via the official IG account for Life Is Raw, an update was given for the audio book. “The audio book is still in the final stages of processing and should be available early 2021,” read the caption.


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