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Mystery Woman Writes Tupac Warning Letter In 1996

Recently interviewed by The Art of Dialogue, former member of the Outlawz Napoleon shares an untold story about a mystery woman who wrote a warning letter to Tupac in 1996.

“I do remember this, that one day we was in his in Malibu, and he got a fan mail. I remember this,” Napoleon recalls. “And, it was from a lady. I remember Pac reading the letter to us, and in the letter, the lady was saying things like, ‘You know Pac, you don’t know me, but I need you to listen. Read what I’m telling you.”

Giving all that Tupac had faced over the past two years from 1994-1996, a letter such as this one from a mysterious individual, would only add on to Shakur’s paranoia.

Mystery Woman Writes Tupac Warning Letter In 1996
Tupac, Outlawz (Chi Modu)

In 1994 Tupac was arrested for allegedly rapping Ayanna Jackson, then was shot five times and robbed at a Manhattan Quad Studio. Ultimately Shakur was charged with “sexual misconduct” and sentenced to four years in prison.

Bailed out by Suge Knight in 1995, as the former CEO of Death Row Records spent over a million dollars to free Shakur and sign him to his label. Tupac’s affiliation with the world’s most dangerous record label, his run-ins with the law, in addition to his Black Panther upbringing, resulted in Tupac being “on guard” 24/7.

“Pay attention to what I’m telling you. Your life is in danger. You need to change your life,” the mysterious woman continued in her eary letter to Tupac Shakur.

Tupac would consult with the Outlawz, taking their input into consideration, weighing the severity of the letter. ‘Pac took it upon himself to read us that letter and ask us what do we think about it.”

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“Pac was like what ya’ll think about that. And, we probably just brushed it off, like she’s a nut case,” Napoleon said. “But, I do remember she was reaching out to him saying, ‘Your life is in danger. You have to change your life’. And, I remember we was like, ‘Man she’s crazy’.”

Listen to the full audio clip of Napoleon interviewed by The Art of Dialogue below.


  1. Tupac could have lived to at least 60 or 70 if he only focused on his incredible talent as Songwriter.

    The fascination with Guns Sex and Thug life didn’t help him to make a Greater Legacy.

    He was a real Thug who shot other People and let us face it some of his lyrics Suggest he was somewhat Crazy because of his Gungo Lyrics.

    Tupac has made his Impact.sadly we lost him early at the age of 25 back in the Year 1996.

    To young Black Africans say no to drugs and to Alcohol or Smoking.It takes you nowhere.

  2. Pac was a genius a role model he had guts for a little guy major talent I didn’t know him personally but I felt his stuggles as a young entrepreneur and a freedom fighter he just needed proper guidance someone to step into his life and say hey you made it just concentrate on your music leave all the groupies beef & haters behind let’s go to the carribean for while your fans love you

  3. I don’t mean n ppl disrespect ,but I think when it’s ur time to go it’s ur time.Only God could have prolonged his life if it was meant for him to live longer on Earth.

  4. U wrong about immature he was a man living his life and he had a great time living cause good or bad nothing is promise

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