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Mutah Napolean Beale Introduces His Podcast

One of the main things about entrepreneurship is never give up

Mutah Beale, also known as Napoleon from The Outlawz, has started his own Podcast show, The Mutah Beale Show.

The Mutah Beale Show will be based around Mutah’s life from growing up in New Jersey all the way through to present day running businesses in Saudi Arabia.

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Mutah has been a resident of Saudi Arabia for eight years. He has made a new life for himself and even started up his own businesses including his own brand of coffee, MW Café.

The podcast topics will include entrepreneurship, business, family life, fitness and the music industry to name but a few.

Mutah with the rest of The Outlawz

In his introduction to the podcast, Mutah gave an overview of how he has always been business minded and speaks on entrepreneurship. When Mutah was in the music industry he would invest any advancements he was given into starting a business.

Revealing his first business, selling vending machines to apartments across the country. Speaking in his first podcast, Mutah gives the listener a taste of what is to come on the show. He regularly dropped soundbites of advice and wisdom throughout, coming from the years of experience.

“When I speak on entrepreneurship, it ain’t going to be easy. When I say entrepreneur I mean those that came from the bottom and succeeded. One of the main things about entrepreneurship is never give up”

He spoke briefly on when The Outlawz started Outlaw Records, they were getting ten dollars for every CD sold and splitting that money five ways at the end of the month. So being independent really does pay off!

For the full introduction to The Mutah Beale Show click here


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