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Mutah Beale Talks Converting To Islam, Tupac, Outlawz | EP.24

On episode 24 of Seize The Moment podcast, we welcome Mutah ‘Napoleon’ Beale.

Overcoming depression and despair, Napoleon shares his life’s story with us, imparting wisdom on leading a meaningful life.

The world as we know it is an illusion, and we fall into the traps of social media and celebrity without knowing what life is actually like for those who achieve fame. Napoleon paints a picture for us, from the perspective of someone who’s been to hell and back.

mutah beale
Mutah Beale

Mutah Beale Interview Excerpt

Leon: And something that I thought was important that you said earlier was about bringing people together and to share your accomplishments with other people. And we had this really great guest on our show last week, this existential philosopher named Emmy van Deurzen, and so she says, when it comes to fame, and greed, and hogging that fame, that people kind of not only isolate themselves but make themselves depressed in that sort of fame bubble.

Napoleon: When I look back at it, Pac tried to really shelter us from fame.. If we all in the camera, he was like, “Look ay ya; ya chasing that fame. It’s gonna destroy ya.” he was talking that back then… He used to always call success SICKcess. He said, we made it to the SICKcess; he said it’s sickening. And if you look back at it, success from that point of view of fame and that type of lifestyle, it is sickening. People commit suicide. It’s a sickening environment because it’s like a mirage. Everybody has to be who they want you to be, and you cannot be yourself.

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