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Mutah Beale Talks 2pac, Big Syke, And Potential Fight In New Book

Former member of the Outlawz, Mutah ‘Napoleon’ Beale, spoke about 2pac and Big Syke schooling him on west coast politics, after an incident at the House of Blues.

As previously reported, Mutah, also known as Napoleon from legendary Hip Hop group, the Outlawz, has been working on his book, Life is ЯAW: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw. With the help of author, Sulaiman Jenkins, Mutah will take readers on a journey through his life.

In the book, Mutah recalls the time Thug Life member, Big Syke helped to difuse a situation started by Mutah himself.

Hailing from Irvington, New Jersey, Mutah was no stranger to confrontation. But when he first moved to the west coast, he wasn’t privy to the politics of his new area.

Mutah Beale Talks 2pac, Big Syke, And Potential Fight In New Book
2pac and Outlawz (Photo by Chi Modu)

One day when heading to the House of Blues, along with 2pac, Big Syke and the rest of the Outlawz, fans lined the streets cheering.

Out of the crowd, Mutah spotted a woman hurling abuse at 2pac, saying that he wasn’t welcome. “There was this one chick who was cursing Pac. She was saying You ain’t nothin’! Get outta here, you mark busta! You ain’t nobody out here!”

2pac heard it but kept quiet and ignored her, but Mutah couldn’t ignore the disrespect and reacted. “I couldn’t take that, so I started cursing her back, I might’ve even made a spitting gesture towards her, I’m not sure. Sorry for you to hear that, I was wild bruh!”

No sooner as Mutah reacted, two big, mean-looking brothers came from both sides, heading straight towards him. Although the two men were twice Mutah’s size, he stood tall, not wanting to show Tupac any weakness.

Mutah Beale Talks 2pac, Big Syke, And Potential Fight In New Book
Mutah “Napoleon” Beale

“So these huge dudes, who look like straight killas, start walkin’ towards us. I ain’t goin’ front I was a little scared just because these dudes were literally twice my size, but I couldn’t show that to Pac, especially while I instigated everything!”

Just before they came to blows, Big Syke stepped in and diffused the situation. He revealed that they were both members of the Crips and advised 2pac to control Mutah.

“Big Syke walked back to us kinda heated and said to Pac, but starin’ at me, You betta control your lil’ homie. Those were some big time Rollin’ 60s OG Crip killas and that was they sista. Be careful who women you disrespect out here,” says Mutah in his upcoming book.

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2pac’s reaction made, Mutah realize that Pac really wanted good for him. “Pac told me Mu…she a woman…you ain’t have to do that. Just follow my lead, playa. Don’t do nothin’ dumb like that again or you goin’ get us killed out here. This the West Side, Mu…it ain’t Irvington.”


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