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Munch Ali’s “Hues At War” Mirrors The Current Times

Directed by Watch The Screen, Hip Hop artist and Jersey native Munch Ali drops visuals for his latest single “Hues At War”.

The 3rd Arrow Sound Arrow artist has never been one to shy away from giving his listeners substance via his lyrical content. Back in 2018, Ali released ‘Worry’, where he rapped about affecting the youth, police brutality, evil politicians, being Black in America — all in a one minute previewing the rappers versality.

Munch Ali's "Hues At War" Mirrors The Current Times

Ali’s versatility has also given us ‘Coupe Dreams‘ and ‘MOOD‘ featuring co-founder of 3rd Arrow Sound, Roll Sumthin‘. As any good artist, Ali’s range is endless.

On his latest effort, Munch Ali raps about the current times we live in which sadly always feels as history repeating itself. “Fighting for my rights, yeah I been fighting all my life Momma said the future bright / But why the past she living twice, Blood spilled by a cop, living black like rolling the dice / All my people feel frustration, We need more than reparations,” raps Munch Ali over the Drew Beatz produced record.

As the election approaches, Ali also reminds listeners the importance of voting (Voting information here), not only for the President of the United States but those who rule on the many injustice we see all to often.

“Voting is a must we gotta show up at the polls, Not just for the president, the mayors of our homes / I can’t see another white girl recorded from a phone, Using race as a weapon to incriminate my own, Lord knows!”


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