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MTV Releases Never Before Seen Full Tupac Interview [Video]

Keeping with the theme of rare and unreleased Tupac footage, MTV News released the full Tupac interview done with Tabitha Soren.

The original interview took place on October 27, 1995, and was Tupac’s first extensive interview since released from prison. As MTV correspondent Tabitha and Tupac stroll down Venice boardwalk, they delve into a deep conversation about Tupac’s life. During his conversation with Tabitha, it’s clear that Tupac’s trials and tribulations had taken its toll. He’s more laid back and reserved than in previous interviews but still delivers his answers with precision.

Previously, numerous snippets from the interview have been made public, with part of it included in the 2003 movie Tupac: Resurrection. However, this is the first time the interview has aired in its entirety, giving Tupac fans more rare footage. The fact that Tupac died in 1996 and we are still getting unreleased footage, proves that Makaveli really does live on!


In the footage, Tupac talks about all aspects of his life, from the origins of his name to speaking on his father. All throughout the interview, passers-by are full of praise and well wishes for Tupac. In one part of the video that’s previously unseen, Tupac signs autographs for fans that are overjoyed at seeing him.

Another unseen part of the interview is Tupac interacting with locals and taking an interest in their businesses and products. A piece of artwork caught Tupac’s eye as he walked passed a shop front, with the owner saying he will put it in the back for him. When pressed by Tabitha about his biological father, Tupac reveals that he wasn’t prepared to talk about him not being there throughout his childhood. He said all of that would be written in a book, stating “That way I can get some money for my pain.”

Full Tupac Interview Time Stamp

  • 0:01 What does Tupac Amaru Shakur mean?
  • 0:41 Moving to the West Coast and dropping out of art school
  • 3:07 Moving out to the West Coast and being broke
  • 3:53 Tupac on his mother, Afeni Shakur and drug addiction
  • 5:16 Childhood and growing up
  • 5:41 Dealing with traumatic experiences
  • 7:42 Going from making pizza to joining Digital Underground
  • 9:14 Tupac gets a tattoo
  • 9:43 Getting introduced to the ‘thug mentality’
  • 10:51 Growing up without a father
  • 13:34 Working hard and success
  • 14:27 Justice and finding the person who shot him
  • 16:02 How life would be different if Tupac had a father
  • 16:32 Tupac on being a father
  • 17:46 Being in touch with his feminine side
  • 18:15 Starting a community center with Mike Tyson
  • 19:11 Distancing himself from a ‘thug life’ mentality
  • 19:39 Being able to live a ‘normal’ or ‘happy’ life


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