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More Tupac Memorabilia For Auction

Tupac Memorabilia Up For Sale

Tupac memorabilia is going up for auction this week. Expect to see some extremely rare and desirable items up for grabs. Such as some of the rarest handwritten track lists and lyrics of the legendary rapper. Online auction site goldinauctions.com acquired the items.

As with anything that is associated with the music icon, Tupac memorabilia is always going to turn heads and bring big money. In April 2018, the liner notes from Makaveli 7 Day Theory album went up for auction and had a starting bid of $30,000.

makaveli notes
Gotta Have Rock And Roll

2018 saw the 1996 BMW that Tupac was fatally shot in being featured on the History Channel’s ‘Pawn Stars’. The asking price was $1,500,000!

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Planned Album’s & Handwritten Lyrics

One item from the auction is a handwritten track list for an album that Tupac was planning to release. The album, which Tupac named ‘4 The Thug In U’, has a starting bid of $1,000. Tupac planned for it to be 12 tracks in length and featured is the group Thug Life.

‘4 The Thug In U’

The tracks listed on ‘4 The Thug In U’ include ‘Bury Me A G’, ‘Wonda Why They Call U Bitch’ and ‘Lord Knowz’. But what is interesting is that ‘Pac had put a star against four of the tracks on Side A. Did Tupac plan on releasing these as singles?

Other items included in the auction are another track list for a planned album called either ‘AmeriKKKa Eatz it’s Young’ or ‘Stay True’. Also the handwritten lyrics to the song ‘High Speed’.

tupac lyrics

‘High Speed’ would later be released on the Tupac and Outlawz 1999 album ‘Still I Rise’. The paper has a 2-inch stain in the middle of it. However, if you want to bid for the ‘High Speed’ lyric sheet prepare to dig deep because bidding starts from $3,500!

2pac high speed
‘High Speed’

The auction opens on February 4th 2019. Visit the Goldin Auctions website to see all of the items listed


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