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More On Tupac And Left Eye, Going Beyond The Lifetime Series

The newest docueries by Lifetime ‘Hopelessly in Love‘ dives deep into the love stories of infamous couples in pop culture. One of those couples was featured on the first episode with that of the Left Eye and Andre Rison story. Oh, and not to mention Tupac Shakur.

The decade long relationship between Left Eye and Andre Rison was well documented, but what no one realized how much Tupac Shakur played a role in their relationship.

More Of What You Didn't Know About Tupac, Left Eye And Andre Rison!

Andre Rison Meets Tupac Shakur

Before ‘Hopelessly in Love’, Andre Rison was interviewed by ‘The Art of Dialogue‘, where he spoke about Tupac and Left Eye. In the interview Andre explained how he first met Tupac. “I met ‘Pac back in the days in Flint, with MC Breed. We was doing some music in the studio,” says Andre.

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“Then the next time I seen him was, Breed and him did some songs together. Did about three or four songs together, and they wanted to shoot some videos to them. So, we shot two videos in Atlanta.”

Aside from allowing MC Breed and Tupac to shoot music videos in his mansion, which included ‘I gotta Get Mine’, Andre also allowed Tupac to sleep over for a few months. “So, I think the second video maybe, after the video shoot was over, he just stayed at the crib. He stayed at my house about a month and a half, about two months,” explains Andre.

Left Eye And Tupac Meet

As told my Left Eye’s sister, Reigndrop Lopes, on ‘Hopelessly in Love’, Tupac and Left Eye met at a club. “Lisa is meeting celebrities. She’s in the clubs, partying, and she meets Tupac. As so she develops this major crush on Tupac,” says Reigndrop Lopes. “I think she was in love with the spiritual side of him. That connection that was unspeakable.”

“They had a real close friendship. She thought he was really down to earth, and he was just real,” says Tangi Foreman, Left Eye’s cousin.

After forming this bond, Tupac and Left Eye would eventually have a fallout. Tupac at the time accused Left Eye of sleeping with his then best friend Treach of Naughty by Nature.

The Reason Why Tupac And Left Eye Had A Fallout

Grammy award-winning artist Sky Keeton spoke with ‘The Art of Dialogue‘, where he confirmed what caused Tupac and Left Eye’s relationship to go south. Sky also had a close friendship with Left Eye and was quickly signed to her label when they first met.

Speaking to The Art Of Dialogue, Sky spoke about the relationship between Left Eye and Treach. Stating that, “Her and Treach did have a thing. Tupac did get mad about it. Treach told Tupac he smashed, Tupac called Lisa and cussed her out. They cussed each other out and that was it.”

Tupac Left Eye
Tupac & Treach

As a result, it left Left Eye confused about the situation, being that ‘Pac only wanted to be friends. Although she exchanged words with Tupac, Lisa had feelings for him and deeply cared for him. She even went as far as to say to Sky that she and “Pac are like twins.”

“Lisa loved ‘Pac, every time we were in the car together all she played was Tupac,” says Sky. “She was hurt for days when he died. She said to me that ‘I did have a thing for him. We couldn’t have been together because us two together we would end up dead!”

Left Eye Lies To Andre Rison, Tupac Is A Free Man

During the ‘Hoplessly in Love’ episode, Andre recalls the time Lisa lied to him. “I remember Lisa had lied to me that night Tupac picked her up from our house. And, I had rumors about her love for ‘Pac. And, Tupac is my friend,” says Andre.

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“She says she has a car picking her up as oppose to driving one of the cars. And, we got fleets of cars outside. And, something said go look, and I never been one to hover over her. I let her do her thing, and um something said go look,” explains Andre. “When that door opened, ‘Pac was sitting in the back seat, and I let them pull off.”

Left Eye painting for Tupac Shakur

Because of this Andre Rison ended up sleeping with another woman that night in retaliation of what he had just seen. Left Eye would come back to the home to see Andre naked with another woman.

The up and downs would get worst from then between Andre and Left Eye. According to Lisa’s cousin Tangi Foreman these troubles times led to Left Eye seeing more of Tupac. “She spent time with Tupac. Lisa adored Tupac. If Tupac was willing to go there, Lisa would have definitely dated Tupac. So, when he got out, it was a time she could reflect on who she wanted to be with. Andre or Tupac?”

The 1996 Grammy Awards

1996 Grammy awards had Tupac as a presenter and a nominee. Also attending the show was Left Eye with TLC who were nominated for four Grammys.

Left Eye initially did not have Andre Rison attend the award show. But that did not stop Andre from showing up and sitting right in front of Tupac and Suge Knight. “I talked to Suge on the phone from the airplane and we was gonna meet up before hand. Cause after the Tupac stuff, I was closer to Suge at that time, more than I was closer to ‘Pac,” says Andre.

Lifetime reached out to Suge Knight via prison where he weighted in what happened that night. “I don’t know if Andre was feeling a little uncomfortable or not, but you know I reassured him that, it was all good,” said Suge Knight.

Suge Knight

After the awards show, Andre attended the Grammy after party. According to Andre Left Eye was nowhere to be found. “I was at the Grammys party. She wasn’t there. Tionne was there. Chilli was there. Everybody was there but her. She had left with ‘Pac,” says Andre.

So What Really Happened Between Left Eye And Tupac

According to Left Eye’s sister, Reigndrop Lopes, Tupac never slept with Left Eye. “I think Andre probably assumed that Lisa and Tupac slept together or had sex. But, actually Tupac told Lisa in the very beginning, never let me sleep with you. And, they stood by that. So, no they never had sex.”

Others who were around Tupac and Left Eye, even witness them sleeping in the same bed together in Tupac’s home. But, even then they never had sex with each other. “Lisa would always deny that she slept with ‘Pac. I still didn’t believe it,” said Andre in the Lifetime series ‘Hopelessly in Love’.

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Suge Knight from prison also testified and stated that it never happened. “She didn’t love nobody like she loved ‘Pac. But her and ‘Pac never had sex. I mean, he would’ve told me. She would’ve told me.”

Tupac Passes Away

After Tupac’s passing Lisa was devastated. Many claimed half of her just left with him. For Andre, he was affected by ‘Pac’s death, but still felt the door was always open for him and Left Eye. “When ‘Pac got killed, you know that hurt everybody. Definitely hurt me, regardless of him and Lisa’s relationship. That was my friend,” said Andre.

Regardless of it all, Andre realized he had to let it go and try to proceed with his relationship with Left Eye. The couple decided to get married but it never worked out. Eventually Left Eye called off the engagement.

Fast forward to 2001 and Left Eye and Suge Knight built more than just a friendship. According to Andre after that he was done.


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