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Mopreme Shakur In Rare Footage Talks Napoleon, Tupac, And Yaki Kadafi

Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Tupac’s half brother Mopreme Shakur was released via Mutah Beale’s official YouTube channel.

The footage was part of the interviewing process for Napoleon’s Life Of An Outlaw documentary released in 2019, which Mopreme participating.

During the footage, Mopreme gave his early memories of Muath ‘Napoleon’ Beale. “My first impression of Mu was that he was a scrappy little dude. He was little. Mu was short,” Mopreme said in the behind-the-scenes footage. “He was little man but he was holding it down.”


The son of Mutulu Shakur also described how the passing of Tupac and two months later Yaki Kadafi affected himself, the Outlawz, and Napoleon.

“Him and Pac was bonding real tough, because he was amongst the last ones to join the Outlawz, but he was making his mark. Pac loved him. Them two was bonding,” Mopreme explained.

According to Mopreme the news of Yaki Kadafi being shot in Jersey was like a dream that no one believed when they were told. In fact Mopreme and others found out about Kadafi’s shooting during Tupac’s memorial.

Official Trailer for Life of an Outlaw

“Yak was his best friend,” Mopreme said. “I know it had to hurt. All of us, all the Outlawz we handled it in our own way, cause it was a lot to handle and every way isn’t cut out for everybody. So, I know everybody was giving each other their own space, but I know it was affecting Mu in an immense way, because he and Yak were like brothers and came up together in New Jersey.”

In related news, Napoleon recently released Life Is Raw: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw. Read the review here.


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