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Monopoly Fortnite Special Edition Board Game

Fans Will Soon Be Able To Buy the Monopoly Fortnite Special Edition Board Game

Last week on Thursday Donald Mustard, creative director of Epic Games, announced via twitter the very first sneak peak of Fortnite Monopoly board game. The board game will be available this October 1st (time to miss Toys R Us). There’s no denying Fortnite’s popularity. One has to wonder to what lenghts does Epic Games go to cash in even more on Fortnite’s success.

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Replacing Tradition

Objective of the game: Be the last player standing.

Property: Replacing the usual Monopoly properties are locations from Fortnite Island such as Dusty Divot, Lazy Link, Paradise Palms and Tilted Towers replaces Broadwalk.

Money: Currency is now Health Points. If you run out of life points at any time you lose the game just as you would if you would have ran out of money in a traditional Monopoly board game.

Player Tokens: Replace with Nevermore, Omega, Skull Tropper just name a few.

Dice: Instead of having both dice equal the amount of steps you take towards a property, the two dices each have their own purpose in the game. One dice is used for movement and the second dice will be for actions.

Dice Actions:
Bandage (health points)
Cross Hairs, allowing you to shoot a player that is in line of sight and deal 1 damage. Line of site is anybody that is playing on the same side of the board as you.
Wall, protects you from shot as it places a wall on your space.
The Storm, Players can still land on a space taken by the storm but there is a price to pay. When you land on a property taken by the storm you lose 2 lives. Previous space are also ignored.

Chance & Community Chest Cards Replaced by Storm, Trap and Chest cards.

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Beyond The Tradition

Fortnite Monopoly is set to feature more characters than ever before. The more characters resulting in the more players can be all play at once. Also these characters will be the biggest in size as well.

Where To Buy?

Fornite Monopoly will be available in many retailers such as Target, Walmart and Best Buy. Amazon will also carry the board game. Prime members can have the game delivered for free and within a day or two while supplies last. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


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