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Mike Tyson Wack 100 Fight Over Tupac, Full Interview [Video]

Updated June 6, 2019

The much anticipated interview with Wack 100 has been released.

Updated May 30,2019
Exclusive footage of the altercation between Mike Tyson and Wack 100 can be seen below. The alleged video many are calling fake. You be the judge. Comment below and let us know if you think this real or fake.

Updated May 29,2019
Wack 100 appeared on Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson and according to Wack, “(Ishh) got warm in the room”. A Tyson Wack 100 fight apparently went down. Well if you want to call it a fight.

mike tyson wack 100 podcast fight
Courtesy of Wack 100 Instagram

No video has yet to be released of the podcast episode featuring Wack 100, but two things are for certain. One, Mike Tyson has respect and love for Tupac Shakur and two, Wack 100 has shown many times that he does not respect Tupac.

Love & Hate For Tupac

Mike Tyson, just like many do not take kind to negative remarks made about Tupac. Especially when Tupac is not here to defend himself. Over the years Wack 100 has shown disrespect towards Tupac and his legacy.

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Earlier this year Wack 100 posting a photo of Tupac and Digital Underground member Money B, claiming the photo was “Gay”. Wack 100 went on to caption the photo with, “Don’t care who it is it ain’t bool !! Now Gangsta this to you f (people) on my page talking this 2Pac shit ! Understand this please Wack don’t give 2 fs bout giving a (damn).”

Mike on other hand, has always show his love for Tupac. The two of them could be seen together at several Tyson fights in the mid 90s. One of those nights was on September 7, 1996, the night Tupac was shot in Vegas. Tupac would also create two entrance songs just for Mike Tyson in ring entrance.

In December 1995, Tupac recorded “Ambitionz As A Fighter” a special song for Tyson to enter the ring. He did another song for Mike called “Road 2 Glory” in which Tyson entered the ring to, against his opponent Frank Bruno in March 1996. Then his final song he did for his close friend was called “Let’s Get It On” recorded September 6th 1996, for the Mike Tyson Vs Bruce Seldon fight on September 7th.

Tyson Wack 100 Fight: Fake or Real?

Confirmed via Wack 100 official Instagram account, Mike Tyson laid one of those classic right hand punches to Wack 100. While posting a photo of Tyson and himself before the interview, Wack goes on to explain the altercation. “Pulled up on 1 of my legends @miketyson to do his podcast. Had a blast shit got warm in the room when Mike wanted to address the #2Pac conversations.”

Wack 100 continued to give his side of the incident with Mike Tyson via the caption, “Just know this Wack wasn’t giving up shit and Mike still quick with his hands! @edsbritton sorry you had to see what you saw but it’s what brothas do when we can’t solve the problem with reason!!”

Many had been speculating if the incident had occurred. Perhaps Wack 100 was exaggerated the “altercation” as a way to troll everyone. The Mike Tyson Wack 100 fight would be confirmed by iron Mike himself. Tyson took to Instagram to confirm he had punched Wack 100 during the podcast.


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