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Mike Tyson Talks About Tupac On Big Boy Tv

Mike Tyson’s friendship with Tupac Shakur was one of the topics discussed this past Wednesday, October 17th, on Big Boy TV.

Tupac and Mike had a very good friendship, first meeting each other at a Brooklyn club in 1991. From that moment they sparked up a friendship that was special. The pair had a lot in common, the anger and hurt, the underdog, ambition and the backlash from the press for having a bad boy image. Due to having a lot in common, they forged a friendship and understanding for each other. Maybe the world didn’t understand. Mike touches on this in the interview with Big Boy.

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The former heavy-weight champion sat down with Power 106’s Big Boy. The conversation quickly turned to his friend Tupac, when his death was brought up. Iron Mike paused briefly. He then began to tear up before explaining his last moments with the rapper. Tupac who was shot in a drive-by shooting shortly after Mike Tyson’s fight with Bruce Seldon on September 7th 1996 in Las Vegas.

“He was really happy after the fight,” Tyson said after clearing his throat. “He came to the press conference with me and was just talking a bunch of shit. Then, I went home and then he left.”

Mike went on to say that he was at home sleep when he got the call about Tupac being shot. He went to the hospital but was not allowed to see the rapper. All these years later, Tyson is clearly still touched by tragedy. “It’s very difficult to talk about. He was a young kid that really wanted to be great and that happened,” Tyson added.

Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, made the heart breaking decision to turn her son’s life support machine off. Tupac was pronounced dead at 4.03pm on September 13th 1996, six days after he was shot. To this very day the murder of Tupac hasn’t been solved.

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Big Boy also asked Mike about Tupac’s legacy, in which Iron Mike replies “Everytime I go somewhere. It could be Africa, New Zealand, people ask me “What was Tupac like?”


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