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Mike Tyson Reveals How He First Met Tupac

Mike Tyson recently sat down with online media community, Complex where he shares his story of how he met Tupac.

Speaking to Complex’s Pierce Simpson, the former Heavy-weight champion reminisces back to a black tie after party. Whilst stood outside the club Mike had been approached by a young kid wanting to get in the club.

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“This little kid comes looking around, so we said ‘what’s up shorty, you wanna come in the club?’ he said yeah one minute. He went away and came back with fifty people! We took around the back and got them in the club.”

Maybe Mike Tyson didn’t know at the time because ‘Pac was at the beginning of his career but a member of the crowd he just let in the club was Tupac Shakur.

Iron Mike continues, “Next thing you know this guy grabs the mic from the people in the club and starts rapping the mic and rocking the house. The next thing he comes over to me and says thanks for letting us in and it’s Tupac. Tupac was a part of the crew that came in.”

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As a result, Tupac would later write to the incarcerated Mike Tyson lending his support and reminding him that he was grateful for getting him and his crew into the club that one time. So as a result, Mike Tyson and Tupac would become good friends from that moment on.

Another question Mike was asked if he would change things on the night of the Bruce Seldon fight. He reveals that he spoke to him about people he was hanging with when Tupac visited him while in prison.

“Pac was on his own mission. ‘Pac had came to see me in prison a couple of times where we talked. I discussed with him about his situation and about certain people he may have been associating with that weren’t the right people to be with at that stage of his career. He was just coming up, I don’t know he going make his own decisions.”

Mike also talks about getting into the cannabis business and growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

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