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Mike Tyson Pressured Tupac For His Entrance Music In Vegas

Speaking with Zab Judah for VLAD TV, Mike Tyson reflected on the night Tupac lost his life and felt somewhat guilty as he pressured Shakur to attend his boxing match.

Tyson and Shakur had mutual respect for each other as their bond formed back in 1991 at a club in Brooklyn, New York. Since then their interactions were limited as the two spent time behind bars, but they always made sure to rep one another whenever possible.

“I felt a little guilty about him coming to the fight, me pressuring him, ‘Hey don’t forget the tape’, said Tyson during his sit down on VLAD TV.

Mike Tyson Pressured Tupac For His Entrance Music In 1996

The tape Tyson is referring to is his customized entrance music by Tupac Shakur. Previously Tyson had entered the ring to Tupac’s ‘Road To Glory’ on March 16th 1996, but for this particular fight in Las Vegas against Bruce Seldon on September 6, 1996, Tyson came to the ring with ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Tupac.

After the fight, Tyson had promised Shakur that he would head to Suge Knight’s Club 662. But, Tyson never went as he stayed home with his then girlfriend and mother of his child.

Shakur would end up getting shot up as he and Suge Knight made their way to Club 662. Tupac would fight for his life for days, until he passed on September 13th.

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