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Mike Tyson Knocks Out A Rapper… And It’s On Video!

Mike Tyson has kept himself away from controversy as of late, but this time around, he found himself knocking out one of Hip Hop’s biggest artist.

Video of the incident surfaced Monday (March 9) afternoon, which was captured by Cole Bennett. As seen on the exclusive footage obtained by YouTube channel Lyrical Lemonade, Eminem who appears drunk, was closing the truck of his vehicle.

It was shortly after Eminem stepped away from his vehicle that out of nowhere a man with a leather jacket approached him. With one right hand, Eminem was knocked to the concrete.

Mike Tyson Knocks Out A Rapper... And It's On Video!

According to witnesses at the public parking lot, Eminem shouted, “What the f***?!” Only to then notice it was iron Mike Tyson standing right in front of him.

“Em’ is that you? I didn’t mean it. Please man, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. F***!,” said apologetic Mike Tyson at that crime scene.

Police did not arrive at the scene, but Eminem was taken to a near by hospital where he was seen by a Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre helps Eminem at the hospital after Mike Tyson Knocked Out the rapper

Still very concerned about what had transpired, Mike Tyson was allowed in the hospital room where Eminem was treated. The kind-hearted former boxing Champion, Mike Tyson attempted to use a bandage for the cuts he caused on the rappers face.

As seen by various screenshots of the exclusive hospital footage, Eminem suffered lacerations under left eye to go along with a slight concussion.

It still remains to be seen if Eminem will sue Mike Tyson who hosts his own podcast ‘Hotboxin With Mike Tyson‘. No arrest have been made either, as Tyson has bragged about hitting the Hip Hop artist via his Instagram. Posting a video of the incident with the caption, “I had a good time knocking out @eminem in his new video.”

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No word yet on the condition of Marshall Matters, who recently released his music video for Godzilla featuring the late Juice WRLD.


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