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Michael Rapaport Witnessed Tupac and Snoop Dogg Meeting For The First Time!

Tupac and Snoop Dogg’s first meeting is revealed and Michael Rapaport was there!

Michael Rapaport stopped by to speak to Romeo and Cece, on KDAY in the morning, as he spoke about his current comedy tour. A tour that will continue to the end of the year, hitting locations such as DC, Boston, and Phoenix. New York, Michael’s hometown is also on the list and will be the first time he has ever performed in the big apple.

Tickets are available on Michael’s official web site michaelrapaportcomedy.com. You don’t want to miss out, as described by Michael Rapaport, “heavy trash talks, heavy trash talk and its a lot of fun.”

Michael Rapaport on stage in Boston

Switching topics, from comedy to Hip Hop, Michael was asked who was his favorite top 5 rap groups of all time. “Top 5 rap groups of all time, I’ma go with Outkast, cause somebody was just talking out of pocket about Outkast the other day. I’ma go with Tribe. I’ma go with Wu-Tang, uh I’ma go with NWA, and I’ll go with PE, Public Enemy,” says Michael Rapaport.

Picture worth a thousands words

Hosts Romeo and Cece would ask Michael about an iconic photo that lives on the internet, which has Ice Cube, Tupac, John Singleton and Michael himself. “This was at the Poetic Justice wrap party. John and Tupac had just finished that movie, there’s a lot of excitement. I had a next to nothing part in there. Cube was obviously there cause he was friends with John. To be honest with you they were getting ready to take the picture and John said get in here Mike, get in here Mike.”

Without hesitation Michael was ready for a history making photo. “I was like such a fan of all three of those guys and I jumped in the picture. I remember when the photo was being taken, I remember the flash hitting me on my face. Obviously the flash is bright on me, because I’m the only white guy, white dude in the picture. It went to the light,” explains Michael.

Tupac and Snoop Dogg Meet

The photo wasn’t the only highlight of the night. Before the photo was taken, Michael had already witnessed history, as Tupac and Snoop Dogg would meet for the very first time. “That night was a cool night because I saw with my own eyes and heard the conversation between Tupac when he first, the very first time met Snoop Dogg. That also happened a couple of hours before, so it was a memorable night, memorable time.”

Ice Cube, John Singleton, Tupac, and Michael Rapaport
Ice Cube, John Singleton, Tupac, and Michael Rapaport

Thinking back on that day, Michael is very appreciative for that moment, “I was so young. We was all so young. You know obviously with the passing of John Singleton, who was a friend of mine, such a good dude. And Tupac who needs no explanation. Then to becoming full circle and still have a friendship and working relationship with Ice Cube. I’m so glad that the photo got taken and its an honor that it still lives.”

Tupac was like lighting bulb

Speaking on Tupac, Rapaport said Tupac was special and it was quite obvious he was going to become something big. “What he accomplished musically, artistically as an actor and a as a musician. But socially, the inspiration that he inspired to people that are in hip hop, not in hip hop, socially, politically. That inspiration that you saw in the late great Nipsey Hussle. You can tell he was inspired by Tupac to sort of take his plan, to take his hopes and dreams and to the next level.”

Michael like many are amazed at how much Tupac accomplished at the age of 25. “It’s a shame and to do so much and have such an impact at such a young age. To pass at 25, it’s incredible. He was a lighting bulb. He was a meteor and he came and he went. You knew at the time he was special. There was a vibration and glow around him. I remember every single time I had the chance to talk to him it was brief. You knew he was special. You never thought things would end up that way, but you knew he was a unique guy. And he knew it. He accomplished so much.”


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