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Mic Righteous Returns With Fiery I Am Reckless Album

Mic Righteous marked his return to the scene with a new album titled ‘Mic Righteous: I am Reckless’.

His real name is Rocky Takalobighasi and from Margate in South East England. But in the early ’80s, Mic’s parents fled Iran to settle in Margate. At the age of 14, he immersed himself in his music honing his craft. In 2013, Mic came out with ‘Open Mic EP’ his first official release and since then been a favorite with fans.

mic righteous

However, he had a period of time out of music to focus on his personal life. Coming back with not just a new album but a new alias, Mic Reckless, he certainly means business. His aggressive style and precise delivery of raw lyrics have become a trademark for the British rapper.

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All of that energy that Mic Righteous packs into the 22-track album. Tracks that stand out from the LP are ‘Pathways’, ‘Yarno Freestyle’ and ‘Die’. The former, ‘Pathways’, takes a unique look at Mic’s pain in relationships and love which oozes with raw emotion that fans appreciate. Earlier this year, Mic Righteous recorded at Cliftonville Hotel and Studio owned by English rock/indie band, The Libertines. The band also appear on ‘I am Reckless’ on the track ‘Whisky & Coke’

After studying the greats of hip-hop, Mic Righteous has risen to the top of British hip-hop. Speaking in 2013, Mic pays homage to the artists that inspired him to get into the studio. “I grew up listening to all of the legends, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, DMX, Eminem, and the rest. Nas’ lyrical prowess is unmatched, Tupac was the voice of a generation, like Eminem, and DMX came with that raw passion”.

Listen to ‘I am Reckless’ on Spotify and Apple Music


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