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Mic Righteous Fire In The Booth Part 4

Tupac was the voice of a generation. Like Eminem and DMX, he came with that raw passion – Mic Righteous

UK rapper Mic Righteous dropped by Apple Beats 1 Studio in London. Appearing on The Charlie Sloth Rap Show, Mic recorded part 4 of his ‘Fire In The Booth’.

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Fire In The Booth is a freestyle rap show. Hosted by UK DJ Charlie Sloth who spins the beats and the guest rapper freestyles over them. Mic first appeared on Charlie Sloth’s show in early 2011. This is where he would record his first session with Charlie Sloth. Watch Mic Righteous Fire In The Booth Part 1

The Margate emcee, who also goes by the name Mic Reckless, released his debut album, ‘Dreamland’, in late 2016. Mic has a rapping style that has been compared to Eminem. Besides his style, most importantly, his lyrical content delivers hard-hitting content with substance. Similar content that can be compared to Lowkey. So due to this, he is one of the UK’s hottest emcees right now.

Fire in the booth
Mic Righteous performing in Manchester in 2017

In 2013 Mic revealed who he grew up listening to and pays homage to the legends of hip-hop.

“I grew up listening to all of the legends, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, DMX, Eminem, and the rest. Nas’ lyrical prowess is unmatched. Tupac was the voice of a generation and like Eminem and DMX, he came with that raw passion”.



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