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Mic Geronimo On Standing Up For 2Pac, Joining Death Row East

Appearing on Drink Champs, Hip Hop artist Mic Geronimo shared a rare story where he held it down for 2Pac and had an opportunity to become part of Death Row east.

Geronimo recalls the time he was in the infamous New York nightclub The Tunnel. During this particular night, Geronimo was with 2Pac who decided he wanted walk around The Tunnel. Geronimo at the time was not a fan of 2Pac’s music, but on a personal level he connected with Shakur.

Mic Geronimo On Standing Up For 2Pac, Joining Death Row East
Tupac Shakur at the Paris Theater in New York City, New York (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

As 2Pac, Geronimo and his entourage make it through The Tunnel not once, but three times separate individuals pumped Shakur what appears to be purposely. Geronimo wasn’t haven’t it, especially when he looked over to 2Pac and saw the look on his face.

“I never forget the look on his face, it was the first time I said to myself it must be a nightmare for somebody to have to consistently be persecuted,” the New York MC explained. “He had this look on his face that was like I’m so tired of this s—.”

Geronimo mad at clear to himself that he was not allowing anyone disrespect 2Pac going forward. “He just looked drained. Not like he can’t do this and I won’t win, but he looked like why I do have to keep doing this. And when I seen it I was infuriated,” Geronimo said.

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Geronimo also stated that he was considered as one of the first artist that would join Death Row east. The label was going to feature artist from the East Coast led by 2Pac. (Also view: Tupac Death Row East At The 1996 MTV Video Music Awards)



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