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Method Man Recalls Working With Biggie And Tupac

Not many artists can say they have been lucky enough to collaborate with Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man appeared on People’s Party podcast detailing how he was fortunate in collaborating with two Hip Hop legends.

Method Man remembers vividly watching Biggie Smalls perform live on stage. On this particular night, Biggie took the stage to perform his 1993 hit ‘Party & Bulls–t’. After the show, Biggie ran into Meth where the two agreed they would work on a song together.

Method Man and Biggie Smalls

After finally linking up in the studio, the outcome was a feature on ‘The What’. The song appeared on Biggie’s debut classic, ‘Ready to Die’. “I’ll be damned if this ain’t some s–t / Come to spread the butter lyrics over hominy grit / It’s the low killer death trap, yes I’m a jet-black ninja / Coming where you rest at, surrender / Step inside the ring, you’s the number one contender / Looking cold-booty like your p—y in December,” Method Man rapped over the Easy Mo Bee produced beat.


As noted on the podcast, Method Man has always been able to work and get along with anyone. This attribute has contributed to his legendary career not only in music, but has also spilled over into his acting opportunities. One of those artists he has worked with is Tupac Shakur, but unfortunately not in studio.

After Tupac’s releasing from prison and now signed to Death Row records, Suge Knight ensured Shakur receive the best songs and production the label had to offer.

“Death Row is such a family at this point in time, that they’re like look, ‘Pac just came home. Whatever we got we gon give it to him’,” Method Man tells host Talib Kweli. “Dr. Dre told Pac, ‘Yeah, I got a song with Meth and Red on it’. Talking about he got one, but it was actually Daz’s motherf–king song. But, Daz being the person he is was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll give the ni–a the song.”

The rest was history. Although the song appeared on Tupac’s album ‘All Eyez On Me’, the original song featured Death Row female artist Rage and Wu member, Inspectah Deck. “So, we didn’t actually record the record with Pac,” Meth explained. “This says a lot about whether he had any animosity towards east coast rappers, because he wouldn’t have did that record.”


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