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Megan And Kelsey Nicole Sample Biggie, Tupac For Latest Hip Hop Diss Records

Round one of the Megan and Kelsey Nicole lyrical exchange has the two former best friends sampling Hip Hop icons Biggie Smalls and Tupac.

Just a week ago Megan The Stallion dropped her debut album Good News, where right from the start she made sure to address the horrify incident in which she endured in July. On the very first song, Megan addressed Tory Lanez and former BFF Kelsey Nicole, without mentioning names, in the song Shots Fired.

Megan and Kelsey Nicole

Megan along with producer Buddah Bless, would go on to sample Biggie Smalls Who Shot Ya?. A song in which was released in 1995 by Biggie Smalls, shortly after Tupac was sentenced for the alleged rape charge and after being shot 5 times at Quad Studios in New York.


The timing of the release was one that did not sit well with Shakur. Biggie Smalls and Bad Boy Records on the other claimed it was not directed to Tupac. Regardless of the intent of the record, the feud between Biggie and Tupac had already ignited after Shakur was shot, and the rest is history.

Responding back to Megan’s Shots Fired record five days later, is former BFF Kelsey Nicole. Megan’s former college buddy and former assistant, released her own diss record Bussin Back.

Kelsey decided to sample Tupac’s and the Outlawz classic diss record Hit ‘Em Up. Debatable to some, but often selected as the number one diss record of all time by various Hip Hop artists and fans of the genre.

Tupac in a wheelchair recovering for gun shot wounds

“It’s a shame we here today, truth be told, it’s ’cause of you / Couldn’t control your little feelings, look what —- is costing you,” Kelsey raps. The lyrical version of Bussin Back was also released via YouTube on Thanksgiving, which can be seen below.

Although, Biggie and Tupac songs were sampled for this recent “beef” between Megan and Kelsey Nicole, hot girl Meg has always shown love for Shakur.

Earlier this year, Megan was interviewed by Genius where she spoke about her admiration for Tupac. “I really like the way, Tupac speaks. His cadence, his flow, he’s just very dominate. He just give big top energy. And, I just feel like I do the same,” Meg said in the interview. “So, I feel when my audience be listening to me, that’s how they feel.”

Meg would also sampled Tupac’s Ratha Be Ya N____. “What inspired the song is that I super love Tupac,” Megan explained. “So, I’m just listening to it and I’m like hell nah this song is good if a girl really flipped it.”

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