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Meek Mill Championships, Reform, Prison, 6ix9ine, Lori Harvey

All I Know Is I Got Instagram And I Seen Lori Harvey

Meek Mill stopped by The Breakfast Club on December 6, 2018 where he spoke about still loving his people after getting locked up, “I love my people so you know what I mean. I really know not everybody ain’t like that, but just going through them situations in the cell. You be like how could another person like me do this to me and you live somewhere in my area. You understand like what we going though. You got people that look like me on your block that act like me, that’s just like me. I know all these people around her way. You know what I’m going through and you know what I came from.”

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Meek also talks reform, prison, giving advice to the younger artists, shooting his shot and his new album Championships.


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