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Me vs Me: A Poem about the Eternal Internal Struggle

The Battle Within: My Internal Struggle

The eternal struggle resides

Within a place deep down inside

Two characters at odds, with much to say

One and the other trying to pull me away

One is temptation, so enticing he is

The part of my soul that forgoes analysis

He tells me the wicked are good, because they succeed

That nothing matters in the end, not even a wicked deed

Try as I might, he always puts up a fight

Attempting to drag me down into my soul’s night

A night which is dark, as dark as anything could be

A void enveloping my spirit, if I listened, it would be me

The other is valiant, and chivalrous, and brave

Try as hard as he might, it is my own soul that he wishes to save

He is the noble one, who recalls that which really matters

And honest he is, for my soul he does not try to flatter

The braggart and knight are locked in an eternal struggle

My perpetual battle, locking me in an impenetrable bubble

The shame and the heartache which accompany my guilt

Shatter the grand illusion of me, which I have built

And so the war rages on until my last breath

A struggle which will only end on the moment of death

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