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MC Hammer Talks About Tupac Having Plans For Youngsters

Born Stanley Kirk Burrell on March 30th 1962 in Oakland, California, MC Hammer came from humble beginnings. He got into the entertainment business after forming a Christian music rap group, called the Holy Ghost Boys. A few he years later, he would go onto have huge success. Singles such as ‘U Can’t Touch This’ and ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’ made him a household name.

MC Hammer first met Suge Knight in 1988, while Suge Knight was Bobby Brown’s bodyguard. They forged a friendship that would later help to MC Hammer become a Death Row artist.

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Whilst on Death Row, Hammer grew close to Tupac, with ‘Pac helping with tracks for Hammer’s ‘Too Tight’. The two of them sat down and talked about a specific game plan that they had and wanted to implement. They made records together and planned things that they wanted to do whilst they was on Death Row Records. Unfortunately, due to ‘Pac’s death, they could not be fulfilled.

MC Hammer

Talking about one plan that Tupac wrote, Hammer explained that ‘Pac was all about positively improving young lives. Tupac wrote up a plan that would see him, Snoop and Hammer perform at high schools. However to see them perform, the students grades must be C or above, which created incentive for hard work.

“When I first came to Death Row, we sat down and mapped out a game plan. Tupac was actually writing the blueprint down of what me and him was going to do together. He wanted to go to high schools and give concerts but the requirement was if you don’t have a C you can’t get in.”

Listen to the 2006 interview that MC Hammer did with Davey D below.


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