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MC Eiht On Hughes Brothers Setting Up Tupac Shakur To Fail

In a recent interview with People’s Party, MC Eiht shares why he thinks Tupac Shakur did not appear in Menace II Society, a film directed by the Hughes Brothers.

It is no mystery as Tupac Shakur and the Hughes Brothers have history. History that resulted in an altercation and Tupac spending 15 days in jail.

Tupac at the time was told he would portray the character Sharif, but was quickly fired by the Hughes Brothers. Shortly after the Hughes Brothers would claim Tupac put his hands on them, something that Tupac would brag about when he appeared on Yo! MTV Raps.

MC Eiht On Hughes Brothers: Knew Tupac Was Difficult To Work With
MC Eiht On Hughes Brothers Setting Up Tupac Shakur To Fail

The video which was seen by the Judge, worked against Tupac. As the Judge states, “Tupac can be seen bragging about what he did to the Hughes Brothers”.

On March 10, 1994 Tupac would be sentenced to 15 days and jails with 30 months probation. Along with a $2,000 fine and 30 days community service.

In 2013 Alen Hughes, one half of the Hughes Brothers, spoke with Sway In The Morning where he explained his side of the story. Hughes claims Tupac during rehearsal was to erratic. To the point that Hughes did not understand why or what has going on with Tupac.

Day two of shooting the film Menace II Society, Hughes claims Tupac said something confrontational to him. Hughes then would ass Tupac to speak to him in his office. Hughes states because Tupac’s behavior in the office, this led Hughes into firing Tupac.

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When asked by host of the People’s Party podcast, Talib Kweli, MC Eiht gave his perspective on the matter, “The Hughes brothers worked all of Pac’s earlier sh*t. Videos, “‘Brenda Got a Baby,’ all that sh*t. So they knew him, and knew he was difficult to work with, but I think New Line Cinema wanted him in the movie. Juice, Poetic Justice, you know, and y’all have a relationship with him… We want him. So, who knows what happened, but, okay. We’ll get him in the movie,” said MC Eiht.

MC Eiht also believes Tupac was given the role of Sharif to upset him and with the hopes of him qutting. “I don’t think it was the plan to keep him in the movie. We all know Pac, very vocal. Very outspoken.”

Ironically enough, Allen Hughes has reunited with his brother Albert Hughes as they take on a new Tupac docuseries. Titled “Outlaw: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur“, the five part series which dives into the lives of Tupac and Afeni Shakur and will air on FX early 2020.

Jasmine Guy, Jamal Joseph, and others will contribute to the series, sharing their stories and relationships with Tupac and Afeni.

Most recently it has been rumored that Dr. Dre will also contribute to the docuseries. Fore more on this read: Dr. Dre Rumored To Be Working With Allen Hughes On Tupac Docuseries


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