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MC Eiht Features Dave East, Young Noble – Talks Tupac Hughes Brothers

Compton native, MC Eiht recently dropped his twelve studio album ‘Lessons’ featuring artists such as Dave East, Young Noble, and Yukmouth. Part of his media run promoting the new project MC Eiht appeared on The Bootleg Kev Podcast where he spoke about the fallout between Tupac and the Hughes Brothers.

In 1993, Tupac was to take on the lead role of Sharif for Menace II Society, directed by the Hughes Brothers. “You had two young cats out of L.A. the Hughes Brothers who wrote this movie. You know, they went to film school,” Mc Eiht explained. “They had did a lot of Tupac’s music videos – ‘Brenda Got A Baby‘, ‘Holler If Ya hear Me‘.”

After taking the script to New Line Cinema, the distribution company founded in 1967, Hugh Brothers were asked to recruit Shakur for the movie. Unfortunately the Hughes Brother and Tupac had a fall out and fired Shakur from the film.

Mc Eiht Features Dave East, Young Noble - Talks Tupac Hughes Brothers
Tupac Shakur (Chi Modu)

“Tupac was suppose to play Sharif. My boy Vonte Sweet ended up playing him. That’s the role that they wanted him [Tupac] to play,” Eiht tells host Kev. “Pac coming off Juice and Poetic Justice, you know his records, he was a very vocal up front motherf–ker.”

Mc Eiht and Shakur had mutual respect for one another and did a few shows as well. When it came to the movie Menace II Society, Tupac wanted to give more depth to his character and explain the actions behind his character.

“He wanted to express why he was being the Muslim kid or the voice of reason. He wanted to depict that and show why, and I don’t think they wanted to show that. That’s what made the movie for his situation kinda fall apart,” Eiht further explained. “Everybody knows what happened between him and the Hughes brothers and that was the result, the bumping heads at the table.”

New Tupac Docuseries Outlaw: The Saga Of The Shakurs

Years later, Allen Hughes has reunited with his brother to take on a new Tupac docuseries which is slated to premiere in 2022. Titled Outlaw: The Saga Of The Shakurs, the five part series will dive into the lives of Tupac and Afeni Shakur.

In related news MC Eiht recently dropped his latest music video ‘Courted In’ which features Dave East and Tha Chill. East meets West on the Hermanata produced track. “I’m from the dark, trying to get to a place where the light found / I ain’t into playing or waiting, I need it right now / The west side we did Chuck Taylors, we did Timberlands / I could chill with killers, and handle business with gentlemen,” Dave East raps on ‘Courted In’.

MC Eiht who rocks his Outlaw University Baseball Tee, also features Young Noble on the Ferhan C produced track ‘Magic’. “I know the theme on the song is familiar, and all the stress from life is tryna kill you / You just gotta make some time for yourself, free your mind dog its good for your health,” raps the Outlaw veteran.

Back in 2014, MC Eiht and the Outlawz linked up for ‘Shut Em Down‘. The song would appear three years later on ‘Which Way Iz West’, Eiht’s tenth studio album.


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