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Master P Grateful As No Limit Chronicles Premieres, Watch Episode Here

Episode one of the No Limit Chronicles premiered on Wednesday night on BET. Titled ‘Nightmares & Dreams’, episode one focused on Master P’s determination to move his family away from the turbulent streets of Louisiana’s Calliope Projects.

Showing his appreciation for the support on his journey, Master P took to Instagram with a heartfelt caption.

“God is good. Thanks for supporting our story and our movement. We didn’t have a perfect life, but we blessed to still be here. That’s what keeps us going! Don’t let your conditions stop you from chasing your dreams. Family over everything. From the hood to Hollywood. We made it and so can you. Salute to all are our fans, friends, and family,” Master P wrote via his official IG account.

Master P (John Sciulli / Getty)
talkMaster P (John Sciulli / Getty)

The full episode can be viewed via BET’s official web site here.

Master P isn’t the only who is grateful. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Snoop Dogg explained how joining No Limit saved his life. “Do you realize that that saved my life?” Snoop said during the interview. “Master P saved my life. I was gonna put an album out called “F— Death Row” and Mack 10 was gonna give me a million dollars to put it out.”

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At the time tensions were high between Suge Knight and Snoop Dogg. Master P in a meeting with Snoop advised the Dogg Father to not release the project. Snoop recalls Master P saying, “You ain’t gon’ live to see that album out.” Looking back, Snoop Dogg is thankful he never put out the album. Telling The Breakfast Club the idea was just plain “stupid”.

Snoop Dogg’s transformation as a No Limit soldier artist will be highlighted on the No Limit Chronicles.


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