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Masego Drops “Passport” Single, New EP On The Way

Capital Records artist Masego releases “Passport,” the latest offering from his upcoming EP and his most refreshing interpretation of traphousejazz yet.

Along with the single release, Masego took to Twitter to confirm a new project is also on the way. “Things are movin mad fast. I’m not even gon tease y’all. First single off the project I’ll name later is out everywhere. love, Sego,” Tweeted Masego.

Masego Drops "Passport" Single, New EP On The Way

On his upcoming project, Masego journeys through every aspect of a relationship, from beginning to end, showing off a new and reflective side of the artist.


His 2018 debut ‘Lady Lady’ that firmly put the singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist on the map, has enabled Masego to tour the world headlining sold out tours and starring on festival stages across every continent but Antartica.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic touring life is nonexistent, but has allowed Masego to take this time to look inward and explore what he finds, both topically and sonically. The result is a body of work that shows Masego evolving in real-time, an expansion both in terms of production choice and collaborative partners. It is Masego’s most ambitious, enjoyable effort to date.

“I can’t wait to get out
Things are lookin’ too familiar
So I’m out (Out, yeah, out), flying South
Might just go and get new hair
Turn off my phone ’cause I’m new here
Don’t walk alone ’cause my crew here
We’re breathin’ in this new air
And I don’t wanna think about
Where we’d be if we stayed
That same route everyday
Shipyard every day
And I ain’t tryna do that for my life
So I just saved up to change my life
Ultimatum, I paid for the flight
Now I’m singing like,” Masego first verse on ‘Passport’. Lyrics via

Earlier this summer, Masego performed ‘Queen Tings’ live at the BET Awards. Watch the performance below!

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