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Marlon Wayans Talks Seeing Tupac In Vegas With Omar Epps

‘Pac’s work ethic was insane

Marlon Wayans appeared on Big Boy TV this week where he spoke about seeing Tupac in Vegas, Biggie, Liam Neeson and future plans that he has.

The White Chicks actor had a very close friendship with Tupac, starring in Above the Rim together. They used to hang out, with ‘Pac even giving Marlon a sneak peak of songs he had written.

In 1994, MTV News interviewed Tupac and Marlon as they spoke about Above The Rim. Their off screen relationship was on display.

Speaking on his relationship with the iconic rapper, Marlon tells of how they both bounced off each other. The Above the Rim star said, “We were both very passionate about the arts. ‘Pac’s work ethic was insane. He would go to the studio and work all night long then come back to the set and be like listen to this.”

“I seen it when he turned into Bishop. He meant it. I seen him when he got out of prison for the second time, at this point he was legend status.”

He also revealed that he saw both Tupac and Biggie right before they died. Just twenty minutes before the murder of Biggie, Marlon spoke with the Brooklyn rapper.

Marlon also saw Tupac in Vegas at the Luxur Hotel on September 7th 1996, very briefly having a conversation with him.

Remembering that night in Las Vegas, Marlon added, “I got a vibe of some uncertainty. That night they had a fight, there was a lot going on. It was like a daze, we was there but he wasn’t present.”

With the recent comments made by fellow actor Liam Neeson about wanting to harm black people, after hearing about his friend’s ordeal over twenty years ago. Marlon believes the comments come from a place of anger with seeing his friend hurting over the rape.


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