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Mark Henry Talks Being Hand Picked With The Rock By Vince McMahon

Former WWE wrestler and Olympic weightlifter, Mark Henry sat down with VLAD TV, as he spoke about his relationship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Rock would go on to make his WWE debut in the fall of 1996. During that time, The Rock was basically broke, but was fortunate to have Mark Henry who took the electrifying one under his wing.

“When he signed with the WWE, he didn’t have a place to live. So, me being already at the training facility, I said, ‘Man you could move in with me until you get on your feet. Once you get on your feet, you get your own place’. He moved in with me and never ended up getting a place,” Henry said.

Mark Henry Talks Being Hand Picked With The Rock By Vince McMahon

The two would link up and build a strong bond with one another, that still till this day is stronger than ever. Not only do they remain in contact, but Henry also mentors The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson who became the youngest signee in WWE history at the age of of eighteen.

“She’s training at the developmental system down in Orlando, and I know he can’t look out for her on a day-to-day basis in Orlando like I can.” Mark Henry services as a backstage producer now for the WWE.

Speaking further about their friendship, Henry and The Rock would head to Memphis, Tennessee, where they would perfect their wrestling. A decision that was made by Vince McMahon.

“We lived together and trained together and ate together. We traveled around and entertained ourselves together, and then we before neded up getting sent to Memphis, to Jerry Lawler’s territory.

Prior to The Rock and Mark Henry, at the time there was no developmental program in place at the WWE. According to Henry, Vince McMahon hand picked, Henry and The Rock. “That’s the first two guys that Vince McMahon picked to be in the developmental system. There was no developmental wrestling system before me and Dwayne, and we both killed it,” Henry explained.

Both Henry and The Rock would go on to have a successful career with the WWE. A career that led Mark Henry into the 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame. The Rock on the other hand has not technically retired from professional wrestling, so he has yet to be inducted.


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