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Malibu Mansion Once Owned By Suge Knight For Sale

A mansion previously owned by former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight goes on sale for an eye-watering figure.

The mansion once belonging to Suge Knight goes on the market for 30 Million dollars. Located inside a gated Malibu community, it sits perched on a clifftop overlooking the ocean. Designed for Mr Knight in 2001, the 8,272 sq ft property boasts many luxurious selling points. It includes seven bedrooms,  chef’s kitchen, landscaped gardens and a recording studio. The latter has seen artists such as Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber and Rihanna grace the studio in the past.

Malibu Mansion Once Owned By Suge Knight For Sale
Suge Knight (Isaac Brekken/WireImage)

In 2006, the company that Suge built, the infamous Death Row Records, filed for bankruptcy. As a result of the bankruptcy, assets were auctioned off in 2009 with an incredible amount of interest. Items included various memorabilia, CDs, vinyl albums, posters, photographs and industry awards. Among the items, the Death Row Records electric chair owned by Suge Knight himself. It sold for $2,500 at the seven-hour auction.


After the Death Row Records bankruptcy and auction, a businessman purchased the Malibu mansion from Mr Knight after his legal troubles. After owning it and renting it for $35,000-a-week since the purchase, the mansion goes back on the market.

Realtor Dylan Eckhart listed the stunning home for sale last week and spoke about the former home of Suge Knight. He said: “This property is, in a word, epic. The panoramic ocean views are spectacular. It’s an incredibly rare opportunity for a visionary to create an iconic Malibu masterpiece.”

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Life for Suge Knight deteriorated in 2015, when convicted of voluntary manslaughter after killing associate Terry Carter. The former music mogul will serve 28 years in jail without parole until 2037 at the earliest.


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