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Malaynah Top 5 Inspired Artists, Hip Hop Goals, Cardi B

Lists Tupac As One Of Her Top 5 Artists

“What inspired me the most, that was my outlet. Whenever I was feeling some type of way. You know like, people go running, people draw, people use anything as their outlet. For me to lock myself up in the rest room and write what I was feeling and for it to make sense.For people to actually you know like and mess with it, I think that was my outlet. That’s what inspired me the most. You know if you can write whats in you heart and people can like it. To me that’s where I wanna be, all the time,” Malaynah tells The Dinner Club.

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Also Malaynah talks how long she has been rapping, three artists she would like to work with, writing her own lyrics, what inspired her, family and her top 5 artists that inspired her and what she wants to give hip hop.


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