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Tupac Feat. Outlawz – Made Niggaz (Official Music Video)

Made Niggaz produced by Johnny J and recorded in April 1996, features the Outlawz. The song, released in 1997, was featured on the Gang Related soundtrack, in which Tupac starred in the movie.

The music video for Made Niggaz would end up being one of Tupac’s last videos made before he passed. In this version of the video is the actual official music video.

In the September 2011 issue of XXL, E.D.I. Mean spoke of Tupac being impressed with the Outlawz verses. “It was the first time I felt, as a group, that we kinda put him under a bit of pressure. Cause he was like, “I gotta do another verse after y’all n—– just did that.’”

Making Made Niggaz

Gobi Rahimi, directed and co-produced the video for Made Niggaz, alongside his partner Tracy Robinson. They were responsible for producing and directing six major Tupac videos. Some of their music videos include ‘How Do U Want It‘ and 2 of ‘Amerikaz Most Wanted’.

Tupac gave Gobi the nickname the crazy Iranian. He took to YouTube to reveal the concept of the video and the controversy that went on during filming.

In the last year of ‘Pac’s life, Gobi came up with the idea of making a documentary on him. Tupac loved the concept and from that moment, Gobi followed Tupac and the Outlawz, with camera in hand. Little did he know back then, but decades on, Gobi’s footage tells a lot about who Tupac really was.

made niggaz
Gobi and Tupac on the set of Made Niggaz

On the set of ‘Made Niggaz’ problems arose from the start. Weighing up all options, Gobi budgeted for a three-day shoot, but Tupac only wanted the shoot to last for two days. Tracy Robinson agreed to do the shoot in two days, leaving Gobi puzzled on how it would pan out.

With a shoot-out scene taking one whole night to set up, which agitated Tupac. Whilst in his trailer, an argument takes place over walkie-talkie between ‘Pac and Gobi.

Drama On The Set

Another issue on set arose when one of the stuntmen had a problem with Napoleon from the Outlawz. With words exchanged, Napoleon went for the ex-marine stuntman, starting a full-blown fight. Gobi remembers pulling some of the Outlawz off the stuntman, but the drama was far from over.

Immediately after the fight, the lights went out in the building for a minute, creating mass panic on set. Eventually, the lights were switched back on but to Gobi’s shock, the Death Row security had their guns drawn. Security gathered Tupac and the rest of the Outlawz into a limo to defuse the situation.

With looking at the footage he got, Gobi cut a few versions of the video, one for Gang Related, a clean and 360° version. Addressing the tension on set, Gobi attributes it to the accumulation of pressure of what was going on at Death Row regarding the business side.

Reaction to Made Niggaz

Frank Alexander, Tupac’s bodyguard

“I remember Tupac’s excitement and how he started telling the Outlawz about a video he had in his head. It was gonna be like, ‘Murder Was The Case,’ Snoop’s 20-minute video. Each of the Outlawz was going to have roles they played in it.”

Hussein Fatal on the fight on set

“I mean we had to f— him up. He said something, ‘Pac said something, Pac raised his voice, you know we had to tighten him up. Well ‘Pac was saying, it was some bulls*** about the way he was talking to ‘Pac. He was talking like, he was one of the workers there. He was talking like he had some kind of stain and ‘Pac didn’t like it. So, ‘Pac got him beat up, we beat him up.”

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